It all started over two years ago on my personal instagram when I became friends with a lovely young lady from the UK. As part of her fun interaction with friends around the world, the hashtag called #mugwars was created. It was a place where we would tag pictures of our favortie or unusual mugs for all to see. Instagram introduced the 15 second video feature, and it wasn't long before the merry band of pranksters from across the pond created #lingowars. It was a place where people could, for example, accept a challenge to recite a favorite joke with an accent and post it. Hilarity ensued in the months to come as variations on the language based theme were posted. I enjoyed interacting with others via instagram and began searching for other hobbies of mine, including guitars. 

     While browsing hashtags one day I came across a person that had posted a 15 second video of himself playing guitar. I continued searching and found another video that someone had posted of themselves playing guitar. I kept searching and began following the ones I enjoyed the most. Before too long, I had collected a few dozen videos that were my favorites, but to periodically check in and see if anymore guitar videos were posted required tedious searching. I thought "wouldn't it be handy if my favorite guitar gang was in one place I could visit to see them all?" Thus #riffwars was created, partially in tribute to my English friends and all the fun we were having with #mugwars and #lingowars. I messaged my guitar gang and asked them to put #riffwars on their videos. Before I knew it, there were 1,500 tags. It was then that @RIFFWARS was born, thinking I would have maybe a few hundred followers at most. A few hundred grew into a few thousand, and soon I had to create the riffwars hashtag format to organize all the amazing contributions by the thousands of artists following @RIFFWARS. The following has continued to grow and bring joy into my life as I get to see thousands of talented artists support each other in the world wide community of Riffwars. I am thankful for all the artists and followers that make Riffwars an amazing gift in my life every day. Thank you!