The Riffwars Hall Of Fame competition is held annually every September. You might have some questions about the competition, and we believe we have the answers.


What is the Riffwars Hall Of Fame?

The Riffwars Hall Of Fame is a collection of outstanding artists that have been recognized by their peers as well as by Riffwars for their multitude of talent and creativity. Once an artist is inducted into the Riffwars Hall Of Fame, they remain there for life. All Hail.  

When is the Riffwars Hall Of Fame competition?

The competition is held annually every September. Nominations begin Thursday, September 1st. Nominations will close September 15th (though this is subject to change).

How do I get nominated to compete for a place in the Riffwars Hall Of Fame?

All you have to do is visit!

September 1st at 3:00 P.M. EST, a form will be opened for the followers of @Riffwars to nominate their favorite artists. A fellow @Riffwars follower must nominate you. Look for announcements on the Riffwars Instagram.

There will be strict guidelines concerning the date and time that you many nominate an artist, and these guidelines will be posted soon. So, PAY ATTENTION AS ANNOUNCEMENTS ARE MADE!

If I am nominated, does that mean I will be featured on @Riffwars during the competition?

Not necessarily. A handful of finalists will be selected to compete for each category. If you are not selected as a finalist in one of the categories, you may not be featured.

Can I nominate myself?

No, you cannot nominate yourself. A follower of @Riffwars must nominate you for you to be eligible for the Riffwars Hall Of Fame competition. 

Can I nominate multiple people?

Yes, you can nominate multiple artists for the same category or different categories. You can also nominate a single artist for multiple categories. 

What are the Riffwars Hall Of Fame categories?

You can nominate artists for the following categories:

Best Tap Female
Best Tap Male
Best Jazz Female
Best Jazz Male
Best Blues Female
Best Blues Male
Best Acoustic Female
Best Acoustic Male
Best Original Female
Best Original Male
Best Classic Female
Best Classic Male
Best Hard Rock Female
Best Hard Rock Male

Can I be nominated/compete for more than one category?

Yes. You can be nominated for any category in which you qualify.

Can I be nominated multiple times for the same category?

Yes, and we hope you are! The more times you are nominated, the better your chances of being selected as a finalist. HOWEVER, MULTIPLE NOMINATIONS BY THE SAME NOMINATOR ARE NOT ALLOWED.

Do I have to make a new video specifically for the Riffwars Hall Of Fame competition to be nominated?

No, because a fellow follower of Riffwars must nominate you, you do not have to make a special video to qualify. However, if you are selected to be one of the finalists, we may request that you make a new video for the final competition. 

Can I win more than one category?

Yes. It has happened in the past, it could happen again. Good luck.

How are the winners selected?

A group of finalists for each category will be selected here at Riffwars. Those finalists will then be posted on the @Riffwars Instagram page where followers will vote for their favorite artist in each category. 

1 Like = 1 Vote

The more times you are nominated, the higher your chances are of being selected as a finalist for the Hall Of Fame riffwar.

What do I get if I win and am inducted into the Riffwars Hall Of Fame?

You get prestige. Bragging rights. Honor. Glory. Admiration. Your photo is forever enshrined in the Riffwars Hall Of Fame. Oh, and you win some sweet swag.

Do I have to be following @Riffwars to be nominated or nominate an artist.

Yes, which we know you already are anyway.


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