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What is Riffwars?
    Riffwars is worldwide guitarist community, centered around the @Riffwars Instagram page, where guitarist from around the globe can support, learn, and engage with each other. The @Riffwars Instagram page features 15 second videos of guitarists playing a wide selection of genres including metal, jazz, acoustic, rock, blues, and more (click HERE for more information).

How do I get featured on @Riffwars?
    Features on the @Riffwars Instagram page are selected from the many hashtags associated with @Riffwars (click HERE to read more about hashtags). They are not selected based on talent, but rather the quality of the artist's gallery, passion for music, participation on the @Riffwars Instagram, and the correct use of Riffwars hashtags. Your best shot at a feature is to correctly use the hashtags and actively interact with the Riffwars community and other artists. All those who follow @Riffwars and love guitar are worthy of a feature.

How do I send a video I want featured to @Riffwars?
    Okay, so to reiterate for those that don’t quite get it yet- @Riffwars features videos based on the # HASHTAG SYSTEM, aka the hashtags that you tag your video with. DMing (direct messaging) your video does not work, and hashtags in direct messages do not work. USE THE HASHTAG SYSTEM FOR YOUR BEST CHANCE AT A FEATURE.
    There is no way to send @Riffwars a specific video you want to be featured. Features are pulled from the hashtag files. HASHTAGS ARE YOUR FRIEND. USE THEM. LOVE THEM.
What is The Hashtag system?
    The Hashtag System is SO IMPORANT that it has it's own page dedicated to its importance. Please, please, PLEASE, PLEASE click HERE to read about The Hashtag System.

Why was my feature removed from @Riffwars?
    Features go up and features come down, it is not personal. Features that have a lot of user interaction, comments, and likes tend to stay up longer.

Do I have to buy a feature to appear on @Riffwars?
    No! Features on @Riffwars are free, and will always be free. As stated before, there are no skill requirements to be featured on @Riffwars, only a passion for guitar and a desire to be a part of a kind, supportive community.

Can I be featured more than once?
    Yes. The more you participate, the more likely you are to be featured and re-featured.

Why was my comment deleted?
    Your comment was likely deleted because it violated Riffwar's policy for participating on @Riffwars (click HERE to read our policy for participating on @Riffwars).

Why are my videos not appearing under the Riffwars hashtags when I tag them?
    Instagram has a limit of 30 hashtags per post, so you may be using too many hashtags on your posts. Try reposting your video with less hashtags.

    It is also possible that you are not seeing your video because it has been buried. Instagram organizes hashtags by the date of your post, so if you hashtag an older video, it will not appear at the top of the hashtag group. In example, if today you tagged a 3 week old video #Riffwars, and then searched the #Riffwars file, your video would appear under all the videos that were posted at a later date than yours, even though you were the most recent person to tag a video. Depending on the size of a particular hashtag file, tagging a week old video could bury it under hundreds of other videos.

    If you are having trouble with seeing your video appear under Riffwars hashtags, try reposting the video in your account. Additionally, use the Riffwars hashtag system to help your video get noticed.

Does Riffwars feature bass, drums, singers, or other musicians?
    No. Riffwars only features videos that are predominately guitar. Videos with bass, drums, and other instruments in addition to a guitarist can still be featured, as long as the main focus is on the guitar. In example, Riffwars will feature a video of a band playing together if the video is of the lead guitarist shredding a solo. Riffwars will NOT feature a video of a band playing together if the video is mostly singing, a bass solo, a drum solo, etc.

Can I be featured on Riffwars if my account is private?
    From time to time Riffwars will feature videos from private accounts. However, your best chance at a feature is to have a public account.

Should I DM (direct message) Riffwars a video I want to be featured?
    While we love seeing your videos, we cannot repost videos that have been directly messaged to Riffwars. Hashtags do not work in a direct message either.

What day will my rock/jazz/blues/metal/or other genre of video be featured on Riffwars?
    Riffwars features are organized by genre and follow this general structure:
    • Monday: Metal
    • Tuesday:Blues
    • Wednesday: WCW (women crush wednesday)
    • Thursday: It's a riffwar! (see explaination below)
    • Friday: Free-for-all
    • Saturday: Acoustic
    • Sunday: Groove

    Look for your video to be featured according to the category it falls under. Additional categories include Featured Artist Block, Flash Back Favorites, Double Takes, and more.

What is a riffwar?
    A riffwar occurs when two artists of the same genre and matching skill level face-off on Riffwars. Their videos are posted in succession and the Riffwars followers decide who is the riffwar champion. 1 Like = 1 Vote. He or she who has the most likes, WINS.

What does the number at the end of the description of an artist's feature mean?
    The number that appears at the bottom of each feature is the number of followers that the artist has at the time of feature. This way we can track how many followers each artist picks up as a result of having been shared on the @Riffwars Instagram. Check out the example below.